Microgaming Slots

Have you ever wondered when did the online casino start? It all started with Microgaming. The company was founded in 1994 and became the first company to ever give us a taste of online gambling Australia. Now, after 20 years they deserve to be at the topmost position. Since its inception, they have been providing the best gaming opportunities, high-quality casino games and extensive rewards for us.

Microgameing Slots Australia

Being one of the oldest providers, they have more than 600 Online casino games Avaliable for to offer. And they keep on releasing at least 4 more every month. After such an extensive array, you would think the guys will stop. But their commitment towards their players is unmatchable. And we understand that because even for us at Au-Casinos, players are a priority.

Whatever we do is for our members. The entire Australian casino sits has been customized to provide extreme satisfaction to the Australian online casino players. We are always thinking how we can improve more to satisfy you. And that has led us to provide the best of Microgaming. Out of all the games, the slots of Microgaming stand out. There are many different reasons from awesome theme to jackpots that make the Online slots  ( online pokies ) sought after by all.

Why You Should Play Microgaming Slots Online

Out of the extensive casino games menu, there are almost 400 slots. Any Microgaming slot you see will give you quality gaming experience. The slots as are generous as catalog itself. The RTP impressed us so much, on an average it comes to 96%. That is above a lot of providers. The depth of their commitment is evident in the unique features, the jackpot provided, bonus rounds and varied themes. From funny to scary they have covered it all.

Let’s look at them category-wise:

The Popular Themes by Microgaming Slot

Here we have been talking about slots with various specialities, but Microgaming is also known for their innovation and bold choices. They have always come up with very bold themes and plenty of scopes. The most popular themes would be the following three:

a) Sports:

For a slot provider, the sport is a really odd theme to be strong in. But that’s Microgaming for you. They have an array of sporting slots with almost similar gameplay. There are Football Star, Cricket Star, and Rugby Star. All 3 are based on the background of a stadium and have wild reels. For something different, you can try The Umpire Strikes Back.

b) Underwater:

With this theme, Microgaming has managed to be quirky, fun, sleek and professional all at once. There are many options but my favorite would be Mermaids Millions which is quite high paying. Then there’s also Dolphin’s Quest which is kind of relaxing. We also love the Fish Party which has a grinning cartoon fish moving around.

c) Egypt:

Again this is one extraordinary theme. The main attraction would be the Mega Moolah Isis. Lots of money and a rare theme for a slot! But if you want variety, there’s even more like ISIS, Pharaoh’s Fortune, or Throne of Egypt.

Australian Slots with Huge Jackpots

1. Mega Moolah:

Australian pokies- Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah enjoys the proud position of being the original online jackpot slot. It has been known to pay record-breaking prices of more than $5 million. The competition in the online casino industry is cut-throat. The record has been broken many times in years to follow. But that does not mean it still does not remain the best. Millionaires are still made every day. The theme is fantastic with cartoons and animated wild animals that are very eye-pleasing. The game-play is smooth and fantastic. And apart from the fabulous jackpot, there are other ways to earn huge bonuses like free spins and 3x multiplier. If you prefer Egyptian theme, there is a variation Mega Moolah ISIS that shares the same jackpot.

2. Major Millions:

As the name suggests, the slot gives out huge payouts. Though a jackpot of $1 million is small these days, back in the time it was huge. Themed around World War 1, the British Major with big moustache himself will host you. Just like Mega Moolah, this slot is not new and there have been competitors but it has still not lost its charm.

Slots with the Best Theme

Today, the slots do a tie-up with movies, music, TV, and even actors. But it was not like that always. Microgaming had slots like Jurassic Park without any direct association and they still rocked. My top 3 would be:

3. Halloween:

Halloween is the best part of the year. Everyone has experienced the shivers while watching the scary movies at night in October. Microgaming has done a spectacular job recreating those feelings in a slot. Based on the 1978 classic, the slot machine is set on a dark porch with 3 scary bonus rounds. The symbols are also the characters from the movie, knife, book, telephone, needle and wool, pistol and mask. There’s even a pumpkin. And the sound effects from the movie are like the cherry on top.

4. Jurassic Park:

Who does not like Jurassic Park? When the original slot appeared, it had a ground-breaking performance. The 3D effects made it look as if you are moving through a jungle. The appearance of T-Rex and 4 bonus games based on the type of dinosaurs was way too cool. Just when people were losing the star-struck feeling, in came the Jurassic World. The part 2 is even more enticing. The bonus game has a dinosaur attacking you and you have to run out of the park and save yourself. After all this fun, part 3 is eagerly awaited.

5. The Osbournes Slot:

This one is more for fun. Based on the TV show, the slot has a lot of connection with the family. If you have ever been acquainted with Ozzy and his family, this slot automatically becomes number one on your list. The slot has the equal amount of craziness, fun, and chaotic order. The bonus rounds are fun and as random as the family members.

3-Reel Slots by Microgaming

Whenever you have a chance to go to Vegas, check out the slots and you will know that the 3-reel slot machines are still that popular among casino visitors. People still love the traditional 3-reels. And no other gaming provider has as many varieties in 3-reel online slots as Microgaming. You will even find jackpots in this format. And when you are having fun playing and win more than 1000 coins, keep in mind the slot uses only 3 coins at a time. just check the pay tables once at these games and you will know. These 3-reel slots also have variations like 1-line, 3-lines, and 5-lines. There are wilds and exciting bonus games too.

The Mobile Slots

Microgaming is a really important part of the gambling world. Online casinos are not complete without it. And now the casinos are expanding their base to all the devices owned by players. So then how can Microgaming not provide mobile slots? The provider has made sure all their slots are compatible with mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. So whichever slot you have played on your desktop and want to play more, it will surely be available on your mobile phone.

All the mobile versions of the slots are identical to the desktop ones. They have the same RTP, the same features, same bonus and even the same prizes. Also, the progressive jackpots are also available. So you can become a millionaire at any point in time. You can be riding a subway and you may earn millions of pounds.

Other Au Casino Games

Microgaming is not just about slots. Yes, they are very good with slots but their other casino games are also equally awesome and competitive. Actually, Microgaming is like a solution provider to the casinos because they have game varieties to cater an entire casino single-handedly. During the old times of download-only casino format, Microgaming dominated the industry. They provided an all-in-one solution. They had table games, cashier, slots, a random number generator, player accounts, and variations of roulette. Now they have added live dealer games to the mix.

The Microgaming menu has a series of “Gold” which should not be missed. The Gold series includes titles like European Roulette Gold and Blackjack Gold. They also have options like Deuces Wild, Video Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Bingo and a lot more. For the highest payout, you should check their Jacks or Better which has 99.54% RTP.

Wrapping up:

At Au Casinos, we cannot promise you the entire 400 slots collection of Microgaming. But of course, we strive to do our best. We can guarantee the best ones and loads of fun. Just by mentioning Microgaming, the page turned epic. The above-mentioned slots are not even worthy of calling a trailer, because there is so much to offer. From Game of Thrones to Las Vegas, there is a slot for every theme you can imagine. Thought here is stiff competition, Microgaming knows how to hold their own. They have been the leaders and are still coming up with new ones all the time. You keep tuned to stay updated.